My 9 Essential Orange Conference 2013 Take-aways:

  • Everything is compounded over time.  (Reggie Joiner)

Reggie starting things at Orange off with a powerful reminder that everything is compounded over time.  That love, tribes, words, stories, and fun over time have massive impacts on the people we invest in.  We may not see the impact a loving act has today, but over time loving acts greatly influence the trajectory of someone’s life.  Because of this, we need to make the most of every day we have with those we love.

  • Your approach determines people’s response to what we have to say. (Andy Stanley)

Andy made a very compelling presentation that helped give language to an elephant that has been in the church for some time.  Because evangelicals have considered themselves the majority, he argues, they have taken a tone surrounding Scripture that isn’t helpful in winning people to Christ.  He was very clear that he was not changing his theological view of Scripture, but was simply exhorting Christian teachers to give great consideration in the way people view how they present Scripture.   This topic could be a whole series of posts by itself.

  • Ministry models don’t equal vision.  Vision equals vision. (Stuart Hall)

Stuart argued that too often ministry leaders assume their model is their vision for ministry, but models are really a strategy to help make your vision become a reality.  This doesn’t allow the ministry leader to prayerfully uncover God’s vision for their unique context.

  • Make conflict a common (and healthy) practice.

Don’t be afraid of healthy conflict in the midst of a team.   It’s necessary.  It’s too easy to let conflict go too long and fester into something foul.

  • We have to clarify the win on every level of the organization.  (Jonathan Cliff)

Jonathan unpacked the point Andy Stanley makes in his book 7 Practices of Effective Ministry: clarify the win.  Here is a great question for you to ask in every organization: what does it mean to win on every level of your organization?  What does success actually look like?  You can clarify this for administrative staff, basic volunteers, key leaders, all the way up.  Does winning mean more people?  Deeper relationships?  A certain quality control number?  Qualitative feedback?

  • People who love Jesus leak Jesus.  (Bob Goff)

This guy is just a ton of fun watch live on stage.  I want to just go hang out with Bob.  He didn’t just say it, he seems to live this quote too.  This made an idea we all have heard before feel fresh all over again.

  • Youth Ministry is great for Churches (Doug Fields)

Doug gave a compelling list of reasons churches should focus on youth ministry including: 1. It keeps pressure on the larger church to stay culturally relevant, 2. It keeps relationships in focus in the church, 3. It can be a leadership factory for the church.

  • Collaboration is the currency of our generation.  (Brad Lomenick)

Church should be the most collaborative industry ever.  Lets collaborate and make a bigger kingdom impact.  Who can you start working with in your ministry to make a greater impact?

  • Don’t box me in (Charles Jenkins)

Don’t be afraid of change.  We are called to be fruitful and bearing fruit means changing to fill the gaps and challenges that arise in ministry.

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